If you are a professional golfer or just an admirer, we care to offer you the best "Golf Experience" while you are in Israel. Israel has a wonderful Golf Venue in Caesarea that has been beautifully designed by Pete Dye, one of the leading architects in the world and a legend in golf course architecture.

Caesarea Golf Course has 18 well maintained holes, nice fairways and great greens. Pro Shop, members Lobby, coffee house and full gourmet restaurant. Buggy and clubs are available for rent.

Enjoy staying in one of our 5* deluxe hotels in Caesarea and enjoy playing your favorite Golf game with your beloved ones. For more information about our hot deals, contact our sales department for more details at

Here is what some people say about Golf…

"My love of Golf lies in the impossibility of beating the game. I love that it`s difficult. And I enjoy pushing myself to find ways to get as good as I can because the fact that I can even manipulate that small of a ball to that small of a target from that far away blows my mind a little bit every time I think about it." Paul S.

"We play for one great shot Golf is about hope! You can hit 85 bad shots, get up to the 18th hole and then bomb your driver straight down the fairway 280 yards! That one shot reaffirms you are capable of the greatness." Mike

"Hell yes, golf is hard, and you`re totally cool with that. I love golf because it seems simple on the surface. But is too difficult to master. It is hard and I live it. Easy is boring but playing great is endlessly enjoyable." Kenneth J