O.S tours & travel is an incoming DMC & tour operator handling groups and individuals to Israel. It has been established 40 years back by a charismatic young man called Omar A. Hamdan. One day he decided that he does not want to be a teacher any more, and instead wanted to work in tourism. He turned down a job to become a principle of a famous school so that he could follow his passion. This love for tourism has grown in him when he first started working as a receptionist in one of the famous boutique hotels in Jerusalem, when he was still in college. He always loved to travel and he always liked to show the people our beautiful country. Born in the Old city of Jerusalem his love to the city has made him go the extra mile to talk about it in all his travels from East to West and from North to south. He was the loving ambassador of this beautiful city. Jerusalem the city of Peace and harmony. O.S tours during his time has steadily grown from a small company to what it is now. With new staff onboard, new visions adopted and new horizons have opened. More than thirty five thousand clients yearly enjoy the quality services that O.S tours has to offer. Late Omar has taught his staff to welcome the clients with open arms and to bid them good bye with a smile. Every O.S member carry this in his heart. There are no limits to how far we could go to please our clients. We are here for them because they are what keeps us together in the place that we most love.


To sell Israel to the World and to provide cultural and social experiences that last for long


100% customer satisfaction 100% of the time

Vision Statement

  • We want to become your choice number one when you think of visiting Israel.
  • And to offer you ultimate quality travel experience that appeals to your wish and taste. A gorgeous hospitality service that you will never forget.
  • While being committed to this, our dedicated staff will make sure that our services will always remain friendly to the environment and to the community we operate in.

Our Team

Core Values

  • Our team consists of sixty experienced, knowledgeable, multilingual and highly qualified members
  • Our experience is combined with youthful enthusiasm and creative spirit
  • We are experts in the products and services we offer
  • We are highly motivated, customer driven
  • Punctual and caring to the tiny details
  • Efficient in work and performance
  • Always available for our customers and our partners
  • Dedication: To be the staff that cares
  • Commitment: Your satisfaction is our passion
  • Efficiency: Best value for your money paid
  • Reliability: We are a click away from you
  • Flexibility: Alternative solutions at your fingertips

The Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association

O.S Tours is a member of The Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association